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Acetylene Bottle

  • Oxy Acetylene Bottles

    Oxy Acetylene Bottles

    Product Description FAQ 1. What's your product price? Because each gas price depends on your quantity and purity requirements, it is difficult to give a fixed price. If you are interested in...

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  • Acetylene Gas Bottle

    Acetylene Gas Bottle

    Precautions (1) High-pressure gas cylinders must be classified into sub-offices for storage and storage, and should be kept upright when placed upright. The cylinders should be far away from the...

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  • Buy Oxy Acetylene Bottles

    Buy Oxy Acetylene Bottles

    Applications The general working pressure of cylinders are around 150 kg / cm2. For example, oxygen cylinder is sky blue and black; nitrogen cylinder is black and yellow; compressed air cylinder...

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