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Filling of cylinders

- Dec 20, 2017 -

The operator shall be familiar with the characteristics of the loaded medium (burning, toxicity and corrosivity) and its compatibility with the cylinder materials (including bottles and bottle valves and other accessories).

The characteristics of commonly used liquefied gases and their compatibility with metallic materials can be referred to appendix A (reference).

Before filling the cylinders should be responsible for the person, only to check, inspection content should include at least:

A. Whether domestic cylinders are produced by a unit with a "cylinder manufacturing license"

b. Whether the color mark on the outer surface of the cylinder matches the specified mark of the gas.

C. Gas bottle valve Outlet thread type is in accordance with the provisions of the gas installed: can be used for gas cylinder valve, export thread is left, not flammable gas bottle valve, outlet thread is right

D. There is no residual pressure inside the cylinder. If there is residual gas, the qualitative identification should be carried out

E. There is no crack, serious corrosion, obvious deformation and other serious external damage defects on the outer surface of the cylinder.

F. Whether the cylinders are within the prescribed inspection period

G. The safety accessories of cylinders are complete and meet the safety requirements.

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