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Gas cylinders with one of the following conditions are not allowed to be filled

- Dec 20, 2017 -

A. A unit that does not have a "cylinder manufacturing license"

B. The original mark does not conform to the stipulation, or the seal mark is ambiguous and illegible.

C. The color mark does not conform to the GB 7144 gas bottle color mark stipulation, or the serious defaced falls off, illegible

D. With scrap tag

E. Exceeding the test period

F. Incomplete attachment, damaged or inconsistent

G. The material of a cylinder or accessory is incompatible with the nature of the medium being loaded.

H. The allowable pressure of the low-pressure liquefied gas cylinder is less than the saturated vapor pressure of the medium at the maximum operating temperature of the cylinder.

The domestic use of low-pressure liquefied gas cylinders, the maximum use of temperature set to 60C.

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