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China Market Bulletin Of Helium And Xenon

- Jan 24, 2018 -

In January 2015, the price of helium in high pure bundles fell to 60-65 yuan / cubic meters, and some low prices were about 55 yuan / cubic meters, and then it was difficult to rise at low prices. Until the June 2017 Qatar diplomatic relations after the incident, the domestic gas market experienced a wave of ups and downs, June market price rose to 105 yuan / cubic meter, some high priced at 120-150 yuan / cubic meter, after prices fell after steady around 90 yuan / cubic meter. According to WWW statistics in 2017 the average price of 83.3 yuan / year bundle of helium cubic meters, an increase of 37.9% in 2016. At present, the overall atmosphere of the domestic helium market is relatively good, and the import enterprises are tightening up the source of goods.

Due to the excellent performance of helium market in 2017, the demand for downstream electronics, optical fiber, dark matter research and aerospace industry has increased significantly. 

Meanwhile, geopolitical risk has also contributed to the rise of helium market price.

The average price of the xenon market was up to 71 thousand yuan per cubic meter in 2017, and increased by 42% in 2016. 1-2 months of the Spring Festival factors, prices steady; 3-5 domestic market demand recovery, the main manufacturers of tight supply, prices rose sharply; 7-12 month Shanghai Jiaotong University and overseas procurement support, market prices steady.

In the later period, the demand of the rare gas market in China will be improved year by year. The demand of fiber optic cable is huge and the helium market is more obvious. The demand for the research and application of dark matter is great. In recent years, domestic and foreign demand is increasing greatly, and the proportion of the demand is increasing gradually. The broad prospects for development of semiconductor, helium, neon, xenon demand steady growth. In space, xenon particle engines have been successful many times, and future prospects will be more attractive. In the future, the rare gas market will grow steadily in the field of high precision, and the volume will become bigger and bigger, and the market prospect will be wider.

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