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Common Physical Properties Of Industrial Gases

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Compressibility and Extensibility. A certain amount of gas in the temperature basically remain unchanged, the greater the pressure of the larger its volume will become smaller, if the continued pressure, the gas will be compressed into a liquid, which is the compressibility of the gas. Industrial gases are usually stored in cylinders in a compressed or liquefied state.

Gas in the light or after heating, temperature rise, increase the thermal motion between molecules, volume increases, if in a certain container, the higher the temperature of gas heating, the expansion of the pressure, which is the expansion of gas heating. Compressed gas and liquefied gases in the container, such as by high temperature, sun, gas is very easy to expand, resulting in a lot of pressure, when the pressure over the vessel's compressive strength, it will cause explosions. Therefore, industrial gases have great explosion risk.

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