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Development Status Of Industrial Gases

- Dec 20, 2017 -

A wide range of gas products, roughly can be divided into general industrial gases and special gases two major categories. General industrial gas production and sales volume, but the purity requirements are not high. Special gas production and sale of small, but according to different uses, the purity or composition of different special gases, the highest content of harmful impurities allowed, packaging and storage products are extremely stringent requirements, belong to High-tech, high value-added products. In general, special gases can be divided into three categories, namely high purity or ultra-high purity gas, standard calibration gas and a specific composition of the gas mixture. As an important basic raw material of modern industry, gas products are widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, glass, ceramics, building materials, construction, food processing, medical medicine and other departments, and use a large number of commonly used gas or special gases.

Because of the wide application of gas products, the production and supply of gases, like electricity and water supply, are regarded as the "lifeblood" of the national economy and listed as the utility industry.

With the rapid development of China's national economy, the application of gas products continue to expand, increase in dosage, new products continue to be introduced, the purity of continuous improvement, market demand continues to expand, the growth rate of output is far more than the GDP growth rate of the same period, reached the annual growth of 12%. The National gas product market annual sales of about 40 billion yuan. Although the proportion of GDP of gas industry is not big in GDP, it has important influence on the rapid development of microelectronics, aerospace, bioengineering, new materials, precision metallurgy, environmental science and other High-tech departments, and it is an indispensable raw material gas or process gas in these departments. It is precisely because of the needs and promotion of various new industrial sectors and modern science and technology that gas industrial products have made remarkable leaps and development in varieties, quality and quantity.

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