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Gas Leakage In Wuxi Suntech

- Jan 30, 2018 -

In the afternoon of January 26th, some netizens broke the news. Wuxi Wuxi Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd. had a gas leak from a tank car, and orange smoke was everywhere, and it had a pungent taste. Reporters learned that, after the incident, Wuxi fire fighting has been the first time to the scene to rescue.

It is understood that the Wuxi new Wu District Safety Supervision Bureau of environmental protection, after the disclosure of the situation, immediately went to the scene. According to Yang Ke Long, the safety supervision and management section of the safety supervision and Environmental Protection Bureau, it was initially understood that the gas was yellow and acidic due to the chemical reaction of the hydrochloric acid which was not dumped in the tank car and the nitric acid after it was added.

At present, the gas is nitrogen oxide, "however, what gas is specific, still need to be detected before it can be found. If the concentration of gas is high, it will cause some harm to the human body. According to Yang Department, the gas concentration in the tank car is not low, "however, the concentration after the gas diffusion is not so strong."

At present, Wuxi new Wu District safety supervision and Environmental Protection Bureau staff are monitoring the nearby water quality and air. Once the concentration is too high, the polluted water will be sent to the emergency pool immediately. All the employees in the factory have been informed in place, and the evacuation is carried out at the first time.



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