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Use Of Acetylene Gas Regulations

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Gas cutting, oxygen and combustible gases, plasma cutting, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, and the like, and the following considerations for laser cutting, oxygen, nitrogen, and handling of high pressure gas containers such as argon.

1) Pillows are used even if empty containers, gas cut, rollers, tellurium, etc., are bent on the rod, never using other than the original container object.

2) In order to speed up the release of LP gas, such as in cold climates, it is possible to heat the hot water tank but the surface area of the tank is over 20% and not soaked in hot water. The temperature of the hot water must be kept at 40 ° C or lower.

3) organized, so there is no risk of declining.

4) Including LPG, liquid container Acetylene dissolved in carbon dioxide container, stand upright.

5) No effect.

6) When used to remove dirt and oil attached to the bottom of the container.

7) Direct sunlight, keep the container temperature of 40 ℃ or lower.

8) Opening and closing the valve or handle or special wrench.

9) The valve remains fully open during use. However, in the case of acetylene, previously, in order to prevent the solvent from flowing out, such as acetone, it was kept at a maximum of 1.5.

10) For flashback welding or thermal cutting of acetylene gas, take measures to prevent leakage from occurring due to explosiveness * 2.

11) The consumption of natural gas for welding or hot cutting, gas leakage is implemented to take measures to prevent accidents caused by explosion * 2.

12) Maintain the closed container valve while the gas is being suspended.

Maintaining apparent 13) Differences between these other containers before or during use of the container.

13) Flower container, leaving a little gas into the container, and securely close the container valve to ensure that there is no gas leak, keep wearing cap.

14) Even if the empty container, platform gas cutting, roller, tellurium and other such use of pillows, bending tools on the lever, by no means other than the original container object.

15) When carrying the subject's cap.


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