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Vehicles Loaded With High Pressure Gas Conditions

- Jan 17, 2018 -

1 A warning indication of [High Pressure Gas] is displayed in a readily visible position in front of and behind the vehicle

2 fire extinguisher (oxygen, flammable, toxic gas)

Compressed gas 15 cubic meters or less B - 3 or more × 1 or more

100 m 3 compressed gas> 15 m 3 B-10 or more × 1 or more

Compressed gas is more than 100 m 3 B - 10 or more × 2 or more

Liquefied gas below 150kg B - 3 above × 1 above

1000kgliquefied gas> 150kg B-10 or more × 1 or more

Liquefied gas more than 1000 kg B-10 above × 2 or more

3 Disaster Prevention Tools (Oxygen, Flammable, Toxic Gas)

4 yellow card (emergency contact card when moving high pressure gas)

5 Please fill out the emergency contact information.

Measures required to move a high pressure gas with a vehicle

1 To prevent the container from dropping and prevent it from rolling on the loading platform, secure it with a rope or the like.

2 Do not move with the adjuster. (The gas may leak because the valve may break when overturned)

3 liquefied gas should be stacked vertically.

* Liquefied petroleum gas is always stacked vertically.

* If the acetylene container is a container of calcium silicate porous material, it can be stacked on the side.

4 When mixed with oxygen and acetylene, it is recommended that they be stacked with inverted valves so that they do not face each other.

Alternatively, it is recommended that non-flammable / flammable gases be placed between containers


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