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About Us

- Who We Are

Sichuan Salman Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

was established by a number of industry experts who have been practicing for decades, working closely with the major international gas companies, the renowned cylinder and valve companies, as well as various technologically advanced semiconductor material companies. We provide high quality specialty gases, including pure gases, gas mixtures, electronic gases; pressure reducing valves; and semiconductor materials, etc. for clients in electronics, power, petrochemical, mining, steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, thermal engineering, biochemistry, environmental monitoring, medical research and diagnosis, food preservation, and other industries.







- Why Choose Us

The Three Qualities We Value Most


All the products we supply are manufactured by reliable certified factories with long term good reputation, and the health of the employees is guaranteed, and have passed the sophisticated laboratory quality test before leaving the factory, meeting the European and North American standards, with detailed specifications and quality certificates.


Meanwhile, from the first point of your contact with us, including inquiry, reply, order confirmation, production, transportation, customs clearance, we will process your order as fast as possible, to ensure on-time delivery within the confirmed time limit, because we understand your customers and competitors give you time pressure.


Not to mention, no matter in business communication, progress feedback, complaint handling and other links, we implement high service standards, timely communication, fair handling, and adhere to the service process monitoring and return visits. So far, our customer satisfaction rate is 100%!

- Welcome To Cooperation

Embracing the world

Embracing the world is our strategy. We supply our clients worldwide with high-grade specialty gases, cynlinders, valeves, and semiconductor products.

We are committed to helping our customers to achieve higher product quality, faster production efficiency and better customer satisfaction in the manufacturing process, and ultimately to gain excessive profits.