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Nitric Oxide (NO) High Purity Gas

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We are supplying this product with:
99.9%Purity, Medical Grade
40L/47L High Pressure Steel Cylinder
CGA660 Valve

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What is this material ?

Nitric oxide is a colorless, odorless gas at room temperature. It is a highly reactive and short-lived molecule due to its tendency to rapidly react with other substances. NO is a signaling molecule in the human body and plays a crucial role in various physiological processes. It acts as a vasodilator, helping to relax and widen blood vessels, which regulates blood flow and blood pressure. While NO itself is not toxic at low concentrations, it can contribute to the formation of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) when reacting with oxygen and other nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere. These NOx compounds can have adverse environmental and health effects.

Where to use this material ?

Nitric oxide (NO) has several important applications in various fields, including medicine, industry, and research. Here are some common uses of nitric oxide:

1. Medicine:

  • - Vasodilator: NO is used in medical settings as a vasodilator to relax and widen blood vessels. This property is utilized in the treatment of conditions like pulmonary hypertension and certain heart diseases.
  • - Inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO): Inhaled nitric oxide is used in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) to treat newborns with persistent pulmonary hypertension.
  • - Erectile Dysfunction: NO plays a role in the relaxation of blood vessels in the penis, and medications like sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra) work by enhancing the effects of NO to treat erectile dysfunction.

2. Biological Research:

  • - Cell Signaling: NO serves as a signaling molecule in various physiological processes, making it a valuable tool in cellular and molecular biology research.
  • - Neurotransmission: NO is involved in neuronal signaling and neurotransmission, and its study is crucial in neuroscience research.

3. Industry:

  • - Production of Nitric Acid: NO is a precursor in the production of nitric acid (HNO3), which is used in the manufacture of fertilizers and various chemicals.
  • - Food Industry: It can be used as an antimicrobial agent in the food industry to control the growth of bacteria in certain products.

4. Analytical Chemistry: NO can be used in analytical chemistry techniques, such as chemiluminescence, to detect and quantify various compounds and trace gases.

5. Environmental Research: NO plays a role in atmospheric chemistry and air quality. Its study is important in understanding atmospheric reactions and the formation of pollutants like nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

6. Wastewater Treatment: NO can be used in wastewater treatment processes to remove contaminants and treat water effectively.

7. Material Science: NO can be employed in materials science research for surface treatment and modification of materials.

Note that specific applications and regulations for the use of this material/product may vary by country, industry and purpose. Always follow safety guidelines and consult an expert before using this material/product in any application.

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