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Xenon (Xe) , Rare Gas, High Purity Grade

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We are supplying this product with:
99.999%/99.9995% High Purity
40L/47L/50L High Pressure Steel Cylinder
CGA-580 Valve

Other custom grades, purity, packages are available on asking. Please don’t hesitate to leave your inquiries TODAY.

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2036 (Compressed) ; 2591 (Liquid)

What is this material ?

Xenon is a noble, colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas at room temperature and pressure. Xenon is denser than air, with a density of about 5.9 grams per liter.One interesting property of xenon is its ability to produce a bright, blue glow when an electric current is passed through it.

Where to use this material ?

Lighting: Xenon gas is used in high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, also known as xenon lamps. These lamps produce a bright, white light and are used in automotive headlights, searchlights, and theatrical lighting.

Medical imaging: Xenon gas is employed in medical imaging techniques such as xenon-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scans. This technique helps provide detailed images of blood flow in the brain, allowing for the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions like stroke, brain tumors, and epilepsy.

Ion propulsion: Xenon gas is used as a propellant in ion propulsion systems for spacecraft. Ion engines can generate thrust for long periods of time while using very little propellant, making them ideal for deep space missions.

Research and scientific experiments: Xenon is used in various scientific experiments and research studies. It is often employed as a cryogenic refrigerant for cooling purposes and as a detection medium in particle physics experiments. Xenon is also sometimes used as a target for neutron production in research reactors.

Scintillation detectors: Xenon gas is used in scintillation detectors that are used for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation in applications such as nuclear power plants, environmental monitoring, and radiation therapy.

Welding: Xenon can be used in arc welding processes, where its high density and thermal conductivity help create a stable arc and protective atmosphere during the welding process.

Note that specific applications and regulations for the use of this material/product may vary by country, industry and purpose. Always follow safety guidelines and consult an expert before using this material/product in any application.

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